What would happen if you had a great client relationship??

What if you were able to anticipate client needs, which means less client calls and emails during late nights and weekends?

What if your digital advertising/tech agency was so prepared to partner with the client that your clients started referring you to other businesses? 

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Here are my offers for you: A masterclass that would show you how to maneuver your client relationship into a true partnership
Six weeks with me to learn how to make clients stay with you longer, be more open to upsell, and be willing referral partners.

shows you how...

Get to Client Relationship Bliss Now!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Trish, executive advisor & client relationship expert. I work with entrepreneurs and client-facing corporate team members who provide services B2B.

I  teach the art of client relationship development so you can create ease in your daily routine  through ownership of the management of your clients and accounts. 

You are in the right place if you are ready to:

✔️Change the demanding relationship between you and your clients.

✔️ Learn the basic principles of effortless client partnership.

✔️Develop the confidence to have the difficult conversations that produce results.

✔️ Finally, know how to deal with inherited contracts, client requests, and scope documents that don’t make sense either through the lens of time or money.

Imagine a more balanced life.

Imagine it is 5pm and you hit "shut down" on your keyboard instead of restart. With that your weekend is on.

No more "will the client call this weekend" thoughts floating around in your head. You know they have what they need and they are enjoying the same free time you are.

You've made a partner.
Now go enjoy your weekend.

Level Up

A Masterclass or the full experience.

You decide.



This masterclass offers you the ins and outs of maneuvering and setting boundaries with clients that benefit you both. 

"Stop the Stress. Partner with Your Client."

A Simple and Straightforward Method to Enhanced Client Relationships.

In six modules, a group setting, and mentorship calls to get your most pressing questions answered. CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BLISS provides you with the tools to simplify your entrepreneur/client or client/agency relationship.

Clients will stay with you longer, be more open to upsell, and be willing referral partners after taking this course.