Acquiring the Psychological Edge in Negotiation with Al McBride

Acquiring the Psychological Edge in Negotiation with Al McBride

Wanting to avoid getting outplayed in your business negotiation deals?

Do you want to have a greater ability to analyze situations that enables you to strategize effectively resulting in becoming unshakable during your cross-the-table negotiations?

Al McBride is a negotiation coach and facilitator who helps committed business leaders who have skin in the game feel unshakeable in every negotiation deal they do, which generally increase their business’ profits and sales.

​He also helps those ‘nice but nervous’ clients bring negotiation skills to the helm, for them to make a lot of ground really rather quickly. Saving them from feeling bullied and screwed over during business negotiations.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover how to uncover the hidden value that lurks untapped in every deal and the importance of having clarity behind what do you want and why do you want it?
  • Learn how you can make win-win deals with less compromise and not fall to the trap of feeling that you are collaborating, where in fact you are compromising too early
  • Find-out what you need to lay in the negotiating table to gain strength and agility in your deals to avoid the pitfall of compromised deals

“[Common mistakes people do when negotiating] They mix up compromising with collaborating…they give away too many things way too soon.”

–  Al McBride


Key Takeaways:

“[Q: Are great negotiators born or made?] Everyone can improve their negotiation persuasion skills. Absolutely.“

“Don’t be focused on what you want so much that you won’t take something better.”

“80% of my clients are what I like to call ‘nice, but nervous’. So, so they’re very good at what they do whatever that service might be, or that skill set that they started a business around. But then with negotiation, it’s a bit like having the network or having to do accounts, you’re hoping you can outsource most of it to someone who does a better but negotiation, they really do have to be at the helm.”

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