Discover What Your Life is For with Noreen Sumpter

Discover What Your Life is For with Noreen Sumpter

Noreen Sumpter is a ball of energy. She is passionate about her work. She sees people as amazing with amazing lives and as people who want to play big life games. Noreen only speaks to people from their awesomeness, which allows them to take risks and to move beyond limiting beliefs they might harbor about themselves.

Want direction? She’ll help you find it. Want inspiration? She can help you create it. Want to gain emotional healing and let go of the past? No problem. She stands with you in that truth, and you move forward inspired and empowered in your life. Noreen is laughter, discovery and adventure wrapped up in a big ball of energetic fun!

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how to build your inner confidence
  • Develop a strong sense of who you truly are
  • Know how to go after what you want

“Be yourself.  Being yourself gives you what you do and doing gives you what you have.”

-Noreen Sumpter

Key Takeaways from Noreen Sumpter:

“I help people discover who they are, what they want, so that they can live life their way.”

“If you start to experience yourself as the most important person in your life, you get to speak what’s there for you. And also what happens is you start to see people as important when you start to see yourself as important.”