Engagement MAGIC Creates Competency with Doug Fine

Engagement MAGIC Creates Competency with Doug Fine

Doug Fine has led training and development sessions in hundreds of settings and with hundreds of audiences. He specializes in leader development, leader and team member engagement, and culture change.

He provides ENGAGEMENT MAGIC Training which stimulates five-star performance, with research-proven competencies that hard-wire personal ownership, original thinking, and a customer-focus into your culture.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn why management and leadership credibility is a crucial factor in employee engagement
  • Discover the practical actions that accelerate building a more engaged culture
  • Know how leaders should be involved in building their employee engagement and why leaders need to take employee engagement personally

“It makes no sense to invest in engagement when the leaders are not invested themselves.”

– Doug Fine

Key Takeaways from Doug Fine:

“Ask the question in the leadership group,’What’s engagement means to us?’ and get the colleagues talking about it. Start those conversations because everybody’s got an opinion about engagement.”

“Tell me about how engagement is undestood in your company. And do you train people about engagement? Do you train people what engagement is?”

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