Fire-resistant Company Culture with Shelley Smith

Fire-resistant Company Culture with Shelley Smith

Is your company ready to take the company culture wheel to decrease turnover, improve workflow, efficiency, and employee satisfaction?

Why does or should anyone care? Is culture just the latest buzz word and hot topic or can an excellent one yield higher profit and purpose for the long haul?

Hear from an expert at analyzing and shaping company culture to more accurately reflect management’s vision.

Shelley D. Smith is an Expert Corporate Culture Curator & Adviser, best-selling author, consultant, and Founder & CEO of Premier Rapport consulting firm. Her success stems from the strength of her personal approach, asking tough questions to hone in on pain points and areas of growth opportunity.

In this episode, Shelley shares how she helps companies achieve and align the culture they envision resulting in thoughtful, strategic, and genuine growth.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn the leader’s role in aligning corporate culture to the company’s mission and vision
  • Find out how company culture impacts your company’s growth
  • Discover how to shift your company culture before it is too late

“Stop, pause, and figure out where you are on your journey and what it is that you’re trying to accomplish inside your culture.”

– Shelley Smith


Key Takeaways from Shelley Smith:

“Really good leaders are ones that are open and vulnerable. And that set their ego aside for the betterment of the big picture.

“People have stopped communicating in intentional ways and that’s kind of added to a negative contagion instead of a positive contagion of what is good leader do. “