Product Launch Made Easy with Nicole de Larzac

Product Launch Made Easy with Nicole de Larzac

Have you ever dreamed of running the business of your dreams – from anywhere?

Of the flexibility to set your own hours and be there for your family when it matters most – all while doing work that truly feeds your soul?

It’s absolutely possible to create this kind of life – while making a difference in the world – and Nicole can show you the way.

Nicole de Larzac, a marketing consultant and product development coach who helps brands and businesses launch and scale.

In this episode, Nicole shares what it takes to launch a product through her ‘The Product Launch Lab’ program which includes all her marketing and business development knowledge.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Unlock a life of freedom and success beyond your wildest dreams developing and launching a product
  • Discover how to get from point A to point B of launching your product and why it is important that you have a marketing plan in terms of building awareness, engagement, paying clients, and loyalty to your brand
  • Discover how to develop, refine, design, and launch your idea

If you look at every good product out there, it solves a need.

–  Nicole de Larzac



Key Takeaways:

“I help brands and businesses build solid marketing strategies and plans so that they can launch and scale their products and businesses. I also coach female entrepreneurs who want to launch and scale their own brands and products.“

“Just focus. Focus your messaging. So don’t try to promote everything at once. Try to focus on one message at a time or at least one message in one advertisement.”