Quality Over Quantity Gets You to Customer Diplomacy with Jeremy Greenberg

Quality Over Quantity Gets You to Customer Diplomacy with Jeremy Greenberg

How well do you know your customers’ deepest needs? And, how do you address those?

It is not enough just to create products. You need to know the people you are serving; and, most importantly, you need to know what they truly need. Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is the key to achieving core business goals.

But how can you get into your customers’ minds?

Jeremy Greenberg is the Founder of advisory firm Avenue Group and CEO of exercise equipment company Flyte Fitness. He has been interviewed by many media outlets, including Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and The Los Angeles Times. 

In this episode, Jeremy talks about customer diplomacy, how to deepen the usually tenuous relationship with the customers and why sending out surveys without knowing how to ask the right questions is a trap. He also shares his insights about qualitative and quantitative data, as well as at the tools you need to have to get to know the customers better and deeper.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn the story of how a puppy taught Jeremy about customer service and why communicating with tact and diplomacy with your customers is essential
  • Discover why it is important to listen to your customers and build a deep relationship with them that transcends the tenuous relationship into a converting transactional deal
  • Know if surveys are sufficient enough to gain customer insight or are there other methods available to truly understand customers
“We find that most business leaders don’t really focus sufficiently on understanding what makes their customers and the market really tick.”-Jeremy Greenberg


Key Takeaways from Jeremy Greenberg:

“We have a whole process we call customer diplomacy, where we understand that the relationship that businesses have with their customer is very tenuous, and it’s transactional.”

“Do something. Recognize that there is an issue and not pay it lip service. Do qualitative before you do quantitative.”

“Data alone is not going to drive decision making. If you think about major decisions that companies have made, the headline is not because of data, the headline is because there’s a narrative, there’s a story supporting the data.”