Shifting Business Focus with Jon-Marc Seimon

Shifting Business Focus with Jon-Marc Seimon

Are you ready to take on the big challenges?

Aside from business success, can a business leader like you craft solutions that will deliver sustainable growth while promoting the well-being of society and the planet?

Jon-Marc Seimon is a founding partner at a boutique brand and design strategy shop called A FASTER HORSE. This organization is rooted firmly in the dual traditions of design thinking and agile approach.

In this episode, Jon-Marc shares his lean approach that scales clients’ needs—time-boxed strategy sprints designed to deliver maximum value and enable actionable results to help companies shift business focus in the face of disruption.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how Jon-Marc elicit business leaders knowledge in order to fast track business growth  and overcome other imperatives such as climate change, social injustice, and other disruptions
  • Learn lean techniques to generate the best ways to help a business thrive and grow
  • Discover how Jon-Marc and his team practice a human-centric approach to helping companies shift business focus in the face of disruption

Every single person has an idea as to what’s wrong with the company, and how things could be done better, and what they should be doing.

– Jon-Marc Seimon


Key Takeaways from John-Marc Seimon:

“Every single thing we do is done on purpose.

“People elicit their knowledge. People love to talk about themselves. People love to tell you what they do.”

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