The Art and Science of Storytelling with Paul Smith

The Art and Science of Storytelling with Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the world’s leading experts on organizational storytelling.

He’s one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018, a storytelling coach, and author of the Amazon #1 bestsellers, Lead with a Story (now in its 11th printing, and published in 7 languages around the world) and Sell with a Story, in addition to his latest work, The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell.

He’s a former executive at The Procter & Gamble Company and a consultant with Accenture prior to that.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover how to use storytelling as a leadership and influence tool
  • Learn how to craft compelling business stories that resonate with the audience and drive people to action
  • Know what a leadership story is and why you should tell leadership stories

“Treat storytelling like any other skill that you wanted to master and learn it from somebody who knows as supposed to just winging it.”

– Paul Smith

Key Takeaways from Paul Smith:

“Storytelling is definitely an art form.”

“If any leader can tell those four stories (founding,case for change, vision and strategy story) you’re more likely to get the organization to go where you need them to go.”