Using Improv to Build Leadership Skills with Amy Lisewski

Using Improv to Build Leadership Skills with Amy Lisewski

Improv is truly a life-changing art.

The key to improvisation is the “Yes! And…” principle, which teaches us to actively listen to each other’s ideas and add value to them in every moment.

Amy Lisewski is a professional improviser, entrepreneur, and speaker based in San Diego and anywhere adventure leads her. 

She is the founder and owner of Finest City Improv and the San Diego Improv Festival.  She is continually growing San Diego’s largest community of improvisers and a training program that has brought more courage and joy to thousands of people.  

In this episode, Amy shares how she empowers teams to collaborate, be confident and thrive during times of growth, change, and uncertainty through improvisation. She teaches people to go ‘off script’ and actively listen to each other’s ideas and creatively collaborate to achieve their business goals. 

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how to use improv program for organizational and leadership development to break down silos, build connections and develop self-confidence
  • Learn how to expand your comfort zones, improve interpersonal communications, and boost your leadership confidence using improvisation by going ‘off-script’ 
  • Know how to develop more courageous and compelling leadership that fosters a culture of creativity and spark innovation through improvisation

[Though improv] we create a learning lab where you can make mistakes, and you can take risks where it doesn’t have actual consequences.

– Amy Lisewski 


Key Takeaways from Amy Lisewski:

“Improv is a safe environment. But I also like to say it’s more of a brave environment.”

“Do you have to be funny to do improv? Funny is a by-product of good improv. And good improv is collaboration, listening and adding on to each other’s ideas.”