Welcome to Optimal Instinct with Trish

Welcome to Optimal Instinct with Trish


Hi all, you’re listening to Optimal Instinct with Trish and I am Trish Tagle.

Here we will have content that supports client retention, efficient workflow and leadership skills.

If you search on any of these keywords, you will find they will come up with a ton of lists that have common sense approaches. And who doesn’t love common sense?

But there are nuts and bolts beyond this that can be addressed that will make you infinitely more effective.

On the twice monthly podcast, we will be talking about issues that businesses like yours face and the particular approach the expert uses to solve these situations.

You not only get to listen to solutions, but maybe directed to available tools that will support you while you work through your organization’s stuff.

With Optimal Instinct with Trish, we hope that our experts will bring a greater understanding to the wise and House of client retention, and inspiring leadership.

They may provide insight into other avenues that you may want to explore to make sure that your team is up to snuff when it comes to leading your business to success.

Having said that, I’m looking forward to having you join me and our guests as we meet our mission to humanize corporate.

This is Optimal Instinct with Trish and I am Trish Tagle.Talk soon.